Meet the squad responsible for the Lindsay's Cocktail Mixers—a company that pours the heart and soul of Maryland into your wedding, family gathering, baby shower, pool party, tailgate pre-game, post game party!


A true Baltimore native, Lindsay has a deep-rooted connection to the heart of Maryland and its traditions.  Growing up rail side at steeplechase races and playing tennis at the L’Hirondelle Club, he naturally learned to value the joy of gathering with friends, making it an integral part of his culture.

Lindsay and his buddies were always curious about what went into the Baltimore Southside which was always a coveted recipe.  This set off a quest in the early ‘90 for perfection and after countless gatherings at his home with friends tinkering with this fresh and minty mixer, he eventually discovered the perfect recipe.

Lindsay is an accomplished realtor and home appraiser and no social event is ever complete without his iconic Southside Mixer.


With its expansion, Lindsay brought in his partner in crime, Allison Williams, to perfect the operations and to help develop the 2nd best cocktail mixer….Lindsay’s Bloody Mary mix.

Always a gamer, she enjoyed concocting, test testing and eventually nailing the most delicious bloody Mary mix. Additionally, Allison spearheads the marketing effort including creating all the social media content.


And last but certainly not least, we introduce George. Our lovable Bernadoodle brings a ton of energy to our brand making our social media channels light and humorous. George is the resident mascot for Lindsay’s products, and George can be found on the Lindsay’s Southside Seltzer’s label riding a bicycle. How cute is that!

George’s bestie is Hubie, Allison & Lindsay’s older and wiser Boykin Spaniel. 

You can follow their antics on Instagram - HERE.